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Germany’s Next Topf Model

Assigned work / short film for, Germany’s largest plant nursery. A parody of Germany’s next top model. Topf means flower pot in German.
Thank you: Isabelle Boltz for further assistance, Tobias Hoops for lighting atmosphere.


Sole Mates

Sole Mates is a fun stop motion video produced for singer Lexi Baker.
25 frames per seconds with the Sony a7s.


Backstage tour of Lakeside Little Theater in Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

Lakeside Little Theater in Ajijic Mexico (lake Chapala) is a modern theater with the latest technology.
Volunteers and talents are always welcome.
This is a well-known community theater, a place where people with a common passion meet and work together to put on quality shows.

Courtney’s Retreat (West Hollywood)

Your house and business are unique, so should the video showcasing this.
Whether you are thinking of renting or selling, you will want to emphasize its special qualities.
Countless real estate videos exist on the internet, many of which use stock canned music, stock generic time lapse photography and other effects.
Original music and original footage are key to a striking video to stand out from all the others.

Your house or business deserve no less than an original video with original content!

Interior Design – Dimitri von Rathscheck
Video & Music – Loic Rathscheck

Birds of Paradise Apartment in Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

Beautiful apartment for rent with a view of Lake Chapala.


The Black Strings – Sembrador en la Montana

The Black Strings are Ignacio Garcia and Victor Garcia Rodriguez
Filmed and photographed in Ajijic and around lake Chapala with the Sony A7s
Thank you: Indigo Grant for further assistance


Rib Festival 2019 in Langley, BC Canada

The Langley Rib Festival is a four day family event every August in Langley, BC.
A Sony HRX camera was used to film and project the live bands onto the large LCD screen.
Close ups were done with the Sony A7s. Time lapse and other shots were with the DJI Action Cam. 

The 3 Amigos – Hey Senorita

A fun music video filmed in Mexico for the band “The 3 Amigos”. A low budget video filmed in two afternoons (actor scene and live band).
Phone footage was filmed by the clients. 

Camera footage & Video editing: Loic Rathscheck
Phone footage & producer: Gisella “Gigi” Olivio
The 3 Amigos – Trace Mitchell, Randy Jeter, Joe Mansir
Actors: Monica Ceja (Senorita), Jason Cole (Gringo)


Video for with motion tracking effect of logo on truck

Assigned work / short film for, Germany’s largest plant nursery. This video shows how Christmas trees are kept fresh when being delivered. All the preparation stages are shown.
At the end of the video the company’s logos were tracked on the side and back of the truck

Filming: Torsten Grimsel, Loic Rathscheck
Video editing, motion tracking, music editing: Loic Rathscheck
Planning, concept: Laura Ziegler

Video for Jess Waid, Author of the Mike Montego Series

Video for author Jess Waid for his highly acclaimed Mike Montego police drama series taking place in Hollywood during the early 60s.
For the introduction, I used time lapse photography shot in LA and changed the skyline, added 60s police cars and a poster of West Side Story.
The rest was shot in Hamburg Germany during the winter.
Extensive editing was required to transform the German Le Corbusier-like background into 60s LA.

Jess Waid’s books:
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