At the age of five, I started to play the piano and no one could get me away from this instrument. Both my parents brought me to classical music. Moving to the US opened me up to other genres of music such as blues, rock and alternative.

It was not until I was about 14 that I discovered the complexity of electronic sounds. Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, film music such as the Midnight Express theme, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and the Art of Noise are just a few of the many musicians / bands out there that inspired me to dive into this world of new and bizarre sounds.

My first keyboard was the Yamaha MK 100 Portasound, a dream come true at the time. As the years passed, I got my first synth, a Casio CZ 1000, then a few others before I finally got my first sampler at 20 to record external sounds and twist them around in limitless ways.

Technology has progressed so much that most mobile phones today are more powerful than my Emax 2 was back in the early 90s. And analogue technology has been making a comeback now for the past 10 years due to its organic quality.

Like most electronic musicians, I use a combination of analogue and digital equipment to create sounds and produce music.

Feel free to scroll through my tracks. 



Psycho Trip (Vocals: Indigo)


Psycho Trip 2 (Vocals: Indigo)


Triste Mélancolie


Teaser for an internet spot for the French bestseller Oksa Pollock


Eclectic Paradigm


Midnight Journey (Vocals: Emma)


Operation Elite (Track for an internet spot)


Paula & Loic – Dreams (Midsummer night mix)




Ghost in the Hallway 


Psycho Rise & Fall (FX Vocals: Indigo)


Hippies on Drugs (Bauernfrühstück)




Bass Station 2 (Soundtrack made where all sounds other than drums are from the Bass Station) 

The Bass Station 2 track uses sounds (Other than drums) excusively from the Bass Station. There is a stop motion video which will be uploaded very soon.


Pollockmania of the World – The Last Hope (With “classic” bonus at the end)


Isgaard & Loic ft. Scarlet Soho – Into the night (Soundtrack for Bauernfrühstück) 


Robots in Love (Demo for a software synth from LinPlug)


The Quality of your Imagination (Vocals: L-Vira)


El Matador (Vocals: Brother El)


Eclectic Paradigm (dub electro mix)


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