The Canon EOS 55D single-lens reflex camera includes an HD video option, a welcome extra feature but with results that are far from perfect. Limitations in technology force one to be creative. Why dwell on what you do not have when you can be creative with the options made available to you? This is how I got the idea to use bulb photography, in other words, long exposure shots as single frames for my videos.

After experimenting and editing such videos, I realized that this best represented my vision of time and space.

It was time to update my equipment and get the ideal tool for night photography and video, the Sony A7s.

Both the Canon and Sony as well as two other older analogue cameras help me deliver exactly what I envision.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos just as much as I had fun making them.


Midnight Journey

With “Midnight Journey”, I wanted to capture the magic of feeling free when travelling around. All frames are long exposure shots taken at night. Morphing effects were also used between pictures. These were taken in Paris, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Prague, Mexico, the French Alps, the south of France, Hamburg, etc… The photography is mine other than the rotating earth taken from a NASA website and picture of myself at the end. Yes, I am the kid at the very end of the video!


Germany’s Next Topf Model

Assigned work / short film for, Germany’s largest plant nursery. A parody of Germany’s next top model. Topf means flower pot in German.
Special thanks to Isabelle Boltz for assisting me with the set and stop motion pictures as well as Tobias Hoops for the amazing light atmosphere.


Sole Mates

Sole Mates is a fun stop motion video produced for singer Lexi Baker.
25 frames per seconds were used here! All shots were done with the Sony a7s.


The Black Strings – Sembrador en la Montana

The Black Strings are Ignacio Garcia and Victor Garcia Rodriguez
Camera & Video editing: Loic Rathscheck
Camera assistance & interpreter: Indigo Grant
Filmed and photographed in Ajijic and around lake Chapala with the Sony A7s


Video for Jess Waid, Author of the Mike Montego Series

Author Jess Waid asked me to make a promo video for his highly acclaimed Mike Montego police drama series taking place in Hollywood during the early 60s.
For the introduction, I used time lapse photography shot in LA and changed the skyline, added 60s police cars and a poster of West Side Story. The rest was shot in Hamburg Gemany during the winter. Extensive editing was required to “turn” the German Le Corbusier-like background into 60s LA.

Check out Jess Waid’s books:

Loic Rathscheck: camera, video editing & detective
Isabelle Boltz: camera assistant
Ben Bryant: voice-over narrator

Filmed and photographed with the Sony A7s

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five
Copyright 1959 Columbia/legacy Records
All rights reserved

Should the video be unavailable in your country, click on the following Dailymotion link where I have also uploaded it:


Whimsical Wander (music: Jarre & Moby – Suns Have Gone TO BE REPLACED BY: The Journey)

The correlation between time and space has always fascinated me. I also love time lapse photography. Combining both real time footage with accelerated time lapse images reflects the notion that time and space are never constant. The Little Prince is a classic. Just the same as the Little Prince visits different stars and places, Laura in the video walks at her own space through a dream world that could represent a life time where everything revolves at its own speed. At the end, just like with the Little Prince, it is time for her to go.
Loic Rathscheck: story, camera, video editing & production
Isabelle Boltz: camera assistant

Filmed and photographed with the Sony A7s

Jean Michel Jarre & Moby – Suns have Gone
Published by Electronica Publishing (administered by BMG Rights) & Moby (administered by Kobalt)


Loic Rathscheck ft. The Bass Station 2 – Around the Globe 2015

All sounds other than the drums come from the Bass Station 2, a mono analogue synthesizer. The Novation Bass Station 2 is the ideal travel companion for just about every electronic musician. It is small in size but “big” in sound. Even though it generates waveforms with transistors rather than with a CPU, it can still power up via USB. Now, that’s brilliant!


Soeth Einrichtungskontor Hamburg

Originally produced in January of 2013 for the Soeth opening party. I polished the video a tad and uploaded it to my channel to demonstrate my capabilities in producing artsy videos for stores, warehouses or any other company.


Copyright © 2013 – 2019 Loïc Rathscheck – All rights reserved (Please ask permission for use of material on this website)

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